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Paper cashback">cashback forex profit calculator(papergold)What cashbackforexprofitcalculator paper gold Paper gold refers to the paper cashbackforexpipcalculator of gold, the investors purchase forexcashbackprofitcalculator sale transaction records are only reflected in the personal pre-opened "gold passbook account", and does not involve the withdrawal of physical gold is personal certificate type gold, its quotation is similar to the foreign exchange business, that is, follow the fluctuations of the international gold market to make quotations. The gold market fluctuations, customers can grasp the market trend of low buy high sell, earn the difference paper gold can also be called gold documents, which means that the owner of the gold is held only a certificate of property rights rather than gold, the owner of gold with this certificate can withdraw or dominate the gold at any time, this kind of gold documents of property rights is called paper gold can determine the delivery date is the gold futures Contracts, ready for delivery or not to determine the delivery date is the gold spot contract, such as gold storage orders, etc. Paper gold is generally issued by the gold market, strong capital, good credit degree of commercial banks, gold companies or large gold retailers, for example, commercial banks issued gold time savings certificates of deposit, gold bills of exchange and gold account passbook, the Shanghai Gold Exchange issued gold bill of lading or gold The paper gold profit mode is to buy low and sell high, to get the profit of the price difference compared with the physical gold, its transaction is more convenient and fast, the transaction cost is also relatively low, suitable for professional investors to carry out the short and medium-term operation. Gold As the paper gold trading when the buyer and seller after the transaction to clear the settlement of the subject matter is a gold ownership certificate rather than gold physical, so paper gold can be traded in the primary market of the exchange, but also in the secondary market trading generally depends on the issuing institution of paper gold and determine what kind of market trading that paper gold trading if issued by commercial banks, in the commercial banks over the counter trading transactions If the paper gold is issued by the exchange, it should be traded on the floor of the exchange and the clearing department of the exchange should handle the transfer and settlement procedures. In the paper gold trading method, every time the gold speculator conducts gold trading through the bank, he will transfer money to and from the designated fund account, and at the same time, he will transfer and withdraw gold records on the gold passbook he opens. In order to simplify the transaction procedures and facilitate the promotion of the business in all business branches of commercial banks, banks stipulate that the paper gold investment business does not directly receive cash or make physical gold withdrawals and deliveries, so that the gold on the customers gold account can only be used for buying In the process of paper gold buying and selling transactions, as the bank and individual investors do not occur between the real gold withdrawal and delivery of the secondary liquidation and delivery behavior, thus eliminating the gold trading procedures such as color signing, weight detection, etc., simplifying the operation process of physical gold delivery, thus speeding up the flow of gold trading speed at the same time, the customer gold passbook account of the gold deposit both At the same time, the gold in the customers gold passbook account can be used for selling transactions, can also be used as collateral or margin to apply for gold loans to banks, so the launch of paper gold trading, will bring great convenience to the individual investors involved in the transaction The price indication of paper gold trading is divided into the bid price and the ask price, the difference between the bid price and the ask price is the spread of paper gold trading The bid price is the price used by the bank to buy gold from customers, the ask price is the price used by the bank to sell gold to customers. The price used by the bank when selling gold to its customers is less than the difference between the bid price and the ask price because the gold treasure trading does not make the delivery of real gold, eliminating the transportation, storage, inspection, identification and other steps of gold, so its additional costs are less than the real gold trading, that is, the difference between the bid price and the ask price is less than the difference between the real gold trading The middle price of the paper gold trading that domestic commercial banks started to operate is the middle price of the commercial banks in the Shanghai Gold Exchange floor trading At present, there are two kinds of gold business provided by banks, "physical gold" business and "paper gold" business. "The physical gold business refers to the sale and purchase of physical gold, which has strong investment and value preservation characteristics and is the first choice of those who pursue gold preservation, and is suitable for investors who have long-term investment, collection and gift needs. As a banking partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the bank launched a series of Olympic-themed physical gold products not long ago, and the market response was quite enthusiastic "Paper gold" business refers to the investment method in which investors buy and sell gold on their books to earn profits from the difference in price even if they have not Even for those who have not tried any gold or foreign exchange trading, it is relatively easy to get started as long as you master some trading skills and pay attention to the market progress, you can make some gains. "Compared with real gold, the whole process of paper gold does not involve the secondary liquidation and settlement of real gold withdrawal and delivery, thus avoiding the procedures of color identification and weight testing in gold trading and omitting the operation process of physical gold delivery. For investors who are willing to "speculate in gold", paper gold trading is simpler and more convenient, and there is more room for profit. Types of paper gold In addition to the common gold savings certificates of deposit, gold settlement orders, gold bills of exchange, large denomination gold negotiable certificates of deposit, the types of paper gold also include gold bonds, gold account passbooks, gold storage orders, gold bills of lading In the gold market, the gold spot trading in the day has not yet settled the transaction orders, and the International Monetary Funds special drawing rights, etc. are the scope of paper gold paper gold trading characteristics of paper gold trading characteristics of the following points: a. In the gold market using paper gold trading method, can save the real gold trading essential storage fees, storage fees, insurance fees, identification fees and transportation costs of expenditure, reduce the price of gold in Second, paper gold trading can speed up the circulation of gold and improve the speed of gold market trading. The paper gold business varieties of various banks: the name of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is "Gold Banker", the name of Bank of China is "Gold Treasure ", China Construction Banks name is "account gold" Chinas paper gold trading A, trading varieties The current trading varieties are "gold treasure - Shanghai gold "Gold treasure" will be launched in the future, "Gold treasure - London gold" "Gold treasure" trading threshold for more than 10 grams of gold The trading unit of "Gold Treasure - Shanghai Gold" is "gram", quoted and settled in RMB Yuan/gram; "Gold Treasure - London Gold --The trading unit of "Gold Treasure - London Gold" is "ounce", quoted and settled in USD/oz. "Bank of China personal account opening application form", deposit a certain amount of RMB funds or foreign exchange, and obtain a Bank of China "current passbook" passbook, Bank of China "Great Wall electronic debit card "Bank of China currently provides customers with two kinds of "Gold Treasure" trading methods: over-the-counter trading and telephone trading, and will also launch online trading in the future. -Customers can go to Bank of Chinas business branches with their "current passbook" to deal with "gold treasure" trading. Call the phone number provided by the bank and enter the phone trading system of Bank of China with the phone trading password, and according to the phone voice prompts, make trading transactions of Gold Bullion in the future, online trading will also be introduced - customers can login to the webpage of Bank of China with the web address and internet banking password provided by the bank at the time of account opening and make trading transactions of Gold Bullion. Trading in the number of transactions and speculation in foreign exchange, there is no limit to the number of times, the public can completely according to the changes in the offer high sell low buy, profit from it Four, species comparison: Note: the following information are from the public information, if there are changes, to its official website shall prevail paper gold varieties trading hours trading costs trading varieties offer way of trading Bank of China gold treasure Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day unilateral spread 0.5 yuan /The spread is 0.5 yuan per gram and 3 USD/oz USD gold and RMB gold RMB/g USD/oz online banking, telephone banking and outlets for ICBC Gold Banker Monday 8:00 to Saturday 4:00 a.m. One-sided spread 0.4 yuan per gram and 3 USD/oz USD gold and RMB gold RMB/g USD/oz online banking, telephone banking and outlets for CCB Account Gold Monday to Friday, 10:00-15:30 One-sided spread 0.5 yuan/gram RMB gold RMB/gram network for Bank of China "Gold Treasure" Introduction I. What is "Gold Treasure"?  Personal real gold trading business, also known as "paper gold", "gold treasure" trading, refers to individual customers through the bank counter or telephone banking, online banking services, non-overdraft U.S. dollar to foreign currency gold or RMB to local currency gold book transactions, in order to The so-called "book trading" means that the transaction is only recorded in the customers passbook account without physical delivery. The quotation currencies are RMB and USD, so it is also referred to as "domestic gold" and "international gold".  As long as you have a current account with Bank of China or a debit card associated with Bank of China Current Account, and have enough RMB or USD in your account to complete the transaction, you can go to a Bank of China branch counter to apply for "Gold Treasure". "You can also choose more convenient and fast transaction methods, such as telephone banking and online banking. 3. What are the daily transaction start and end times of "GoldPay"?  Phone banking and online banking are 24-hour trading, i.e. from 9:00 am every Monday to 4:00 am every Saturday (except daily batch processing time, national holidays and international gold market holidays); counter trading hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day from Monday to Friday (except national holidays and international gold market holidays) 4. "What are the trading units and the starting point of trading?  The unit of measurement for RMB gold and USD gold is "gram" and "ounce" respectively. 1 ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams, the starting point for trading RMB gold is 10 grams, and the minimum trading decimal is 1 gram; the starting point for trading USD gold is 1 ounce, and the minimum trading decimal is 0.1 ounces V. How to calculate the interest for "Gold Treasure" trading?  Customers can only buy and sell gold in the same current account, the gold purchased through "Gold Treasure" business cannot be withdrawn, transferred or cashed out as physical gold, and the gold on the account does not bear interest. What are the charges of "Gold Treasure" business? "No transaction fee is charged for the "Gold Treasure" business, and the banks income is reflected in the spread between the bid and offer prices.  Gold trading is carried out with a current account (must be "folded") or a debit card account. Customers can use their deposit accounts in US dollars for foreign currency gold trading or RMB for local currency gold trading. The local currency gold bought in Renminbi must be sold in Renminbi The fund account is not allowed to overdraft, the gold account balance does not bear interest Eight, "gold treasure" transaction example 1, transaction example: October 20, 2005 9:00 am, the Bank of China gold quotation for 121.29/122.29 a customer in the Bank of China to buy gold 100 grams, a total investment of 12,229 yuan, after that, the international gold prices rose, the Bank of China RMB gold prices went up January 20, 2006, the customer is ready to sell its gold holdings at 11:07 in the Bank of China for quotation, at this time the price of 143.70/144.70 the customer to 143.70 price to sell its 100 grams of gold holdings, profit 14,370-12,229=2,141 In just 3 months, the customers return on investment reached 2,141/12,229=17.51% 2, the conversion of gold prices in US dollars and RMB: 1 ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams; the US dollar to RMB is converted to the Bank of China benchmark price every morning as the exchange rate of the day in Table 1 below Gold (XAU/USD) mid-price of $538.00 [(bid price + ask price)/2] as an example: one ounce of gold $538.00 converted into RMB 538.00 x 8.0495 to get the price of one ounce of gold in RMB; then divided by 31.1035 to get a gram of gold in RMB = 139.23 RMB (i.e., the middle price of the gold price in RMB) The bid and ask prices of RMB gold can be obtained by adding a spread of 50 points each for the bilateral Table 1: Currency bid and ask prices XAU/USD536.50539.50GLD/CNY138.73139.73 Table 2: Currency benchmark USD/CNY8.0495 Note: Table 1 is the gold price at 10:25 am on February 16, 2006; Table 2 is the gold price at 10:25 am on February 16, 2006. Quote; Table 2 is the benchmark price of USD/CNY on February 16