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Should You Buy the Sony XM5 Headphones?

If you have been looking for a quality pair of noise canceling headphones that are value packed, the Sony XM5 is a great option. They feature a number of upgrades, including a new EQ controller and better Bluetooth connectivity. However, you should be careful when considering a purchase.

While the XM5"s noise canceling features are a step up, you"ll still need to manually set them. The XM5 does feature a fast charge system that will allow you to get five hours of use with a ten minute recharge. It also comes with a much larger carrying case than its predecessor.

The XM5 also has an ANC-enabled auto-optimizer, which will automatically adjust your ANC settings depending on the noise environment you"re in. You can also use the Headphones app to customize your sound by setting a default voice assistant, such as Alexa. In addition to ANC, the XM5 also supports SBC and LDAC codecs. This will ensure that you"re not missing out on any of your favorite music.

Lastly, the XM5 comes with a larger ear cup, which is useful for blocking out unwanted sounds. The ear cups are also a little more oval-shaped than the XM4"s. Having a more oval shaped ear cup is a big plus because it makes them more comfortable.

Overall, the XM5"s upgrades are worth the price. They are not the most feature-filled headset on the market, but they do offer a number of notable improvements. For example, the XM5 comes with an extra audio processor. It also comes with a more advanced headband adjustment mechanism. Also, you can now recharge your headphones for three minutes, instead of ten minutes.

Another nifty feature of the XM5 is that it supports an AAC codec. This will enable you to stream high-quality audio from Spotify and other streaming services. Additionally, the XM5 comes with DSEE Extreme, an artificial intelligence layer that upscales digital music files. Not only will this make your favorite tunes sound better on your iPhone or Android, but it will also improve sound quality for lower bandwidth devices.

However, the XM5"s most significant feature is probably its improved design and controls. Instead of the flimsy arms on top of the ear cups, the XM5 comes with nifty little retractable arms. There"s also a new headband adjustability mechanism that works with your hand, rather than a thumb. Besides the new features, the XM5"s noise-canceling capabilities are also improved, and you"ll have access to eight onboard microphones.

Compared to its predecessor, the XM5 is a major upgrade. It"s also a value-packed product, so you can be sure that you"re getting your money"s worth. With a full 30-hours of battery life and a new audio processor, you"ll be able to enjoy a premium experience without breaking the bank.

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