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Sirius XM Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for the best customer service for your Sirius XM radio, there are a few things you should know. First off, you should be sure you have the proper device to stream your favorite tunes. You can use the ESN number of your car to locate the device. Additionally, you may have to re-log in. This notwithstanding, your Sirius XM subscription will automatically renew at 25% off of the current rate.

You can also take advantage of the many benefits that Sirius XM has to offer, including live college sports coverage, a robust music library, and an award-winning app for mobile devices. The company"s channel selection is not perfect, but it"s certainly better than that of its terrestrial competitors. Besides, you can also use the same account in two vehicles. Moreover, you will get free trial periods, discounts on certain products and services, and the convenience of paying for your services with your credit card. Plus, you can even save 25% on the full price of your subscription over the course of your lifetime.

For a full list of features and benefits, you can check out the website"s "Subscription Benefits" section. The site also offers a nifty infographic detailing the best ways to enjoy your SiriusXM subscription. In addition, you can contact the company"s customer service department by phone or email. However, you should note that the phone line is not always open, and you might have to wait for several minutes before you are connected to a real person.

The Sirius XM customer service phone number is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm eastern time. Nevertheless, you might want to have a few notes on hand if you are having trouble getting through to the service representative. Some of the perks of having a dedicated customer service department are that they can help you resolve any issues you might have, as well as answer any questions you might have. As a customer, you"ll also be able to keep track of your billing statements. It"s also possible to call for a demo of your new Sirius XM radio. Be sure to mention your order number when you make a request, and you"ll have one less thing to worry about.

While you"re at it, be sure to ask the customer service rep for the most efficient way to send you a demo of your new Sirius xm radio. They might even be able to tell you if your device is compatible. Of course, you"ll need to be sure you have the correct credit card information and that your contact details are up to date. After all, you don"t want to accidentally cancel your service!

When you are ready to test the waters, there are a few more Sirius XM radio customer service phone numbers you can tap into.