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Soros an amoral speculator

He said he">forexcashbackprofitcalculator looking for the right time to invest in China Not long ago, George Soros visited China, the CCTV economic channel has a new interview with the 79-year-old man host asked pointedly, the old soso answer is crisp, very worthy of investors to think about cashback forex profit calculator did cashback forex make much money Rui Chenggang (CCTV economic channel host): I remember when we interviewed you in 2003, you told us that I remember when we interviewed you in 2003, you told us that you were more interested in philanthropy cashbackforexprofitcalculator helping countries around the world that had opened up their economies than investing yourself.  Soros: Yes, in August 2007, I decided to come back out of the woodwork because I saw the financial meltdown coming and I was worried about preserving my lifes capital.  Soros: I didnt make a lot of money, I just kept my capital, I didnt make a lot of money. Ripley: You must have made a lot of money in this financial crisis. Looking back, you always seem to get through crises safely and have some of the most fundamental views on markets and capitalism.  Soros: My view of the market is different from the accepted view my first view is that we dont really understand the world we live in, I call this fallibility; the second view is that our understanding of the world does not match the real situation, I call this reflexivity, these are my two main views my speculation does not matter morality Rui Chenggang: please correct me if this is not correct what I see is Rui Chenggang: If it is wrong please correct what I see is the very bold actions taken by professional investors like you during the Asian financial crisis, the most famous of which was your attack on the British pound and the Thai baht, which became a famous case in your career If there is a so-called ‘right’, ‘wrong’ moral standard, do you think your attack on the British pound or the Thai baht, as well as your attack on the Hong Kong dollar attack, is it right or wrong?  Soros: In fact, I have nothing wrong with it, it is difficult for people to understand this, because I speculate in the financial markets, according to the prevailing rules, if speculation is prohibited, I will not speculate if speculation is allowed, then I will speculate, so I am actually a participant, a legitimate participant in the financial markets my actions do not matter moral or immoral, there is no such thing as moral issues here Rui Chenggang: So you call it amoral?  Soros: I call it non-ethical because there is no such thing as ethical issues here. If I break the rules, Im doing it wrong, but I dont break the rules, I take actions that sometimes have spectacular results, its not my responsibility, its the responsibility of the people who make the rules of the game and in fact, Im more concerned about getting the rules right because in fact I want the market to work well, Im just a market participant. Im just a market participant and thats my profession. Rui Chenggang: The Chinese still remember those so-called attacks, for example, on the Hong Kong dollar, when the then Chief Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR, Donald Tsang, and Joseph Yam worked together to develop a plan to hedge or offset the potential risks do you think that was a failed policy?  Soros: No, I think they did a very good job of protecting the Hong Kong dollar, and in fact, my attack (if you call it an attack) was not successful Rui Chenggang: Looking back is there a better way to solve a problem like this?  Soros: No, thats how the market functions like I said, Im really not wrong, I dont feel guilty when this is over Im not always right Ripley: Many economists, recently, believe that the stock market rally, are false indicators of economic recovery, they also advise investors to be very cautious in this particular period How do you interpret such views?  Soros: Now there is a rally, maybe just a little rally, if you have to make a guess, I think maybe you are right, when it tends to flatten out may fall again Rui Chenggang: Warren Buffett said a well-known words, ‘ everyone is bullish on the Chinese market ’, remember that saying, when others are greedy, you have to panic; when others Do you have a quote like that to share with us?  Soros: No, I dont accept the idea that Im not always right, in fact I would say Im wrong a lot of the time because its impossible to be accurate all the time, so I sell too early and buy too late Ive made a lot of mistakes and the reason Ive done better than most investors is probably because Im constantly introspective and trying to fix my mistakes Rui Chenggang: The Chinese audience wants to know your next move. What are your next moves? Are you interested in increasing your investment in China? For example, in the form of a public company?  Soros: It depends on the opportunity because there are a lot of restrictions on investment in China, so its a little difficult to do, but Ill definitely look for the right time.