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Speculate in foreign exchange remember not to despise demo trading!

There was a time when cashback forex thought I couldnt hone my real skills without live trad cashbackforexpipcalculatorg, forexcashbackprofitcalculator many of my fellow traders probably had the same idea, and classic cashbackforexprofitcalculator books often have th cashback forex profit calculator expression: you can hit a glass a hundred yards away, but what if the glass also holds the trigger and is aiming at you with a gun? This is true, but after thinking about it for a long time I still think that we should not ignore the role of the simulator, at every turn to risk with real money, not to mention the loss of money and confidence, and even put themselves in financial difficulties casinos love who? The gambling addict casino loves to die who? I think the following situation is a lot of people have encountered: simulation of the position is, you open a single, the price will rise, and then you can slowly close the position, the heart of a little fear there is no sense of wood, very natural, very comfortable, very sense of accomplishment simulation of the account continues to win, so you take it for granted - the market is just so, I from I can make a few hundred million from tomorrow! The real market is, however, you open a long single, the price immediately fell, you open a short single, the price immediately rose, rubbing your stop loss the best sniper, the start is also a gun target to start practicing, did not come up on a mission to fight the bandits of many books The authors of the position is not objective, they need you to do the deal to help traders earn commissions, they need you to lose money, and then buy his system or even, they need you to lose real money to highlight his great If you are a general, will not do battle plans, sandbox rehearsals, reconnaissance, put into the troops to fight? Sending your own soldiers to hell? If trading ability on the one hand is technical, the other side is psychological in fact, we can use the simulation to verify a good technical level, and then put into this market just must be sober, the simulation is done, in fact, only solve half of the problem described in the book rendering of certain people to do the system, do simulation is very successful, are studying 5-6 years, once the actual market is a loss of a mess is no sober understanding of the direct kill Market, the two aspects are mixed together you failed, you do not know how big the technical problems? How big is the psychological problem? technically very accurate, psychological volatility, failure, give up a very accurate prediction system psychological quality of execution is actually good, but the fundamental technical accuracy is unlikely to allow you to succeed this idea is like a multi-factor index model, the factors leading to profit/loss broken down, for example, the simulation of stable profit expectation 20% variance 10%, after the actual market becomes -30%, 40%, the difference between The psychological fluctuation factor mechanical trading system and automatic trading system completely excludes the psychological fluctuation, but the technical judgment accuracy is certainly lower than the signal with the subjective experience of the human judgment, in addition, with the increase of profitable mechanical trading system and the total position increases, this mechanical trading system will certainly fail but the problem is, mixed with the subjective experience of the judgment, you can not always define whether it is a judgment or a negative For example, I decided that this is a big opportunity to place a heavy position, which has the right part of experience, but also the role of psychological greed part is very difficult to distinguish between them forex trading is really a headache in the textbook of international finance actually wrote this sad words: the current mainstream international financial theory, foreign exchange theory of the real world in the short and medium-term foreign exchange fluctuations of the explanatory power of the basic 0 author : Yu only good to repair as usual