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Speculation in foreign exchange I do so foreign exchange long term trading!

Many people ask how to do a single cashback forex cashbackforexpipcalculator? I want to say cashback forex profit calculator that you an hour chart is how to do a single, fifteen minutes chart is how to do a single, the daily chart weekly chart as an hour chart fifteen minutes chart will know how to do the long term technically is the same out of the entry, the difference is the capital management, position management long term single must al cashbackforexprofitcalculator be traded according to the system out of the system what do forexcashbackprofitcalculator talk about just because the long term stop loss is relatively large so the position should be reduced accordingly, because the long term hold single The cycle is longer, so the proportion of funds can be appropriately increased but! If you are a short term system do not consider doing long term, although the same technically, but the mentality is very different short term kind of day several single dozen single, suddenly go to do long term although the entry signal did not change, but because a take a few weeks a few months mentality will increase with profits and retract violent fluctuations, because the short term single profit is impossible to exceed the long term, the retraction required is also the short term system can not afford. So the mindset doubled will go wrong this is all blood and tears experience ah! But the innate long term system is different, because the development process and trading process has been experienced countless times, these huge profits and retractions have been commonplace, so or that weak water three thousand only take a scoop, carrot and cabbage each have their own example: this is eu May 8, 2014, the daily chart closing formation system entry signal, the daily chart single belongs to the long term hold, specific how to do, because I system Only look at the k closing, so the daily chart signal also only look at the daily chart closing pattern, that is, every day after the daily chart closing look at the pattern has been getting the arrow, February 12, 2015, the daily chart closing after leaving the field to hold a single 9 months, which is a complete long term trading process of course because I also do an hour so will still look at an hour but this is all afterthought, and does not shadow the daily chart this long term single and then look at the daily short term trading: an If you only look at the graphics you will find that technically it is the same, the application of different time periods long and short term is different only the daily chart of the single because the stop loss is large so the position is correspondingly small, so for the mature system, long and short term is so little difference about my system signal is also those patterns, again, really not just a look a learning If it is that simple, it is impossible to make money, any system should be consistent with 95% of people can not learn in order to maintain the market 95% of people are losing money (95% losing money is the old saying) you want to reverse 95% of people can learn, that this system 95% probability of not making money my form why it is difficult to learn, because there are many details there are many degrees of grasp the problem of a k of the upper and lower shadow more The effect of a little more than a very different is not so mysterious, all this form is not I let it set up it only set up, but so many years of continuous review in the natural clear up a high success rate of the form, so I just concluded so this can not put the cart before the horse to understand I do not have any judgment just they came to me! This time I am all with the first perspective so which of these two patterns is the bimodal pattern? Really and false after the market is diametrically opposed to the trend really success rate is high, but their difference may be just a peak on the upper and lower shadows or a little difference in the size of the entity so not buried in hard practice for a few years is impossible to master, why the police can see the thief at a glance, are practiced to learn a system, develop a system, the best way to learn, not imitate, because not a specialist to teach If youre not a professional, you cant understand a lot of details that can be combined with one or two points of perception is already very good, combined in their own system, so that they can be transformed into their own things. Can exceed the sensitivity of the machine grinding out the machine can not make the precise parts, without exception are decades of repetitive work to practice so ah want to take this line, want to succeed only desperately to study, repeat to review do not want to review, do not want to repeat, do not want to be boring, is impossible to become the 5% of the people! But looking back, the process of system development is also very simple, a Bollinger band combined with the k-line will have countless kinds of effective combination not to mention the indicators more than these two, which is a magical chemical reaction process, just think about it can feel the surging passion of creation, this is the charm of traditional trading it!