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Stop loss is always right turn stop loss into a habit

stock market everywhere there are r cashback forex profit calculatorks, we may make mistakes at times, so we have to take up the weapon of stop cashbackforexpipcalculator stop loss is never simply a problem for retail investors cashback forex junior stockholders, but also for institutions, gurus and stock gods, the stock market often face the problem of stop loss, and once negligence, fluke, disregard stop loss, its downfall will also suffer failure, or even bankruptcy and suicide will cashbackforexprofitcalculator Stop-loss, pay attention to the importance of stop-loss, is to determine the fate of investment and the final outcome of the big event, so to forexcashbackprofitcalculatoreak, before not learning to stop-loss, you are just in the boondoggle stop-loss is the first important issue of the stock market, it is even more important than will buy, because stop-loss is essentially the fear of the stock market, the recognition of uncertainty, respect for the market will not buy just one of the factors that can earn how much, and will not stop-loss is will lose How much to earn depends on the market, how much to lose almost all depends on their own stop loss is always correct, even if hindsight is wrong this view is a bit extreme, slowly enlightenment this reference is actually very profound, is penetrating the stock market after the mysterious words of the heart, is a great enlightenment after the words of enlightenment because only then can accept the stop loss from the depths of the soul, rather than verbal mention only accept the stop loss is always The correct point of view, to get rid of the stop-loss problem squirming, hesitation and hesitation, in order to fluke, gambling, and then wait, expect a miracle these thoughts from the depths of the subconscious to kill, in order to establish a real stop-loss ideas Many people are reluctant to stop loss, mainly his soul there are several levels can not pass: the first is a fluke off maybe wait for a rebound, maybe a miracle will appear, which is almost The biggest psychological obstacle to stop loss many people are reluctant to stop loss, or hesitant to stop on the issue, is that this idea is haunted In fact, at this point should ask themselves: willing to open a position? If not, then you should stop the second is humiliating off in case the stop loss after a big rise, how humiliating ah? The vast majority of people who do not want to stop loss have this psychological blame from the perspective of behavioral economics, this pain is far greater than the psychological comfort of making the same amount of money in other stocks, so the stock market is anti-human, from the psychological point of view of the stop loss is obvious after the stock price rose, is to bear a major psychological torture, this torture has a great sense of humiliation, as if they are stupid, IQ is inferior in order to reverse this psychological misunderstanding, should think about: stop loss is responsible for their past mistakes, even if it rises tomorrow, but that is another issue, they are two logical and, after the stop loss there are many examples of big falls, why we are entangled in the stop loss after a big rise in a few stocks it? After the stop loss and then a big rise, that at most will make less, and once not stop loss is likely to go to the end of the road, losing all the third off is a misunderstanding of the typical three "profits are frequently stop loss stop finished", "stop loss that will not buy, will buy without stop loss," "These popular misconceptions allow many people who would otherwise be lucky to find excuses, and are very poisonous In fact, these issues are not worth a refutation, just ask: who has seen the stop loss can stop the profit finished? Most people go bankrupt because of the stop loss, never seen because of the stop loss and bankruptcy of many people will buy and will not stop loss, and finally the basket is empty, never seen good at stop loss people end up making no money if the problem of risk is solved, profits will come uninvited will stop loss is to solve the problem of risk really good at stop loss masters, profits are uninvited stop loss is not no ability, but a great ability this As in the art of war, first for the unbeatable in order to wait for the enemy can win, which long victory general is not the first to protect themselves from being defeated and then to defeat the enemy? The fourth hurdle is the dead carry has lost so much, and then stop loss and what is the point? To put it bluntly, this is numbness, is broken if such people can look back at China National Petroleum from 48.62 yuan down to the current 7.62 yuan, Aluminum Corporation of China has 60.60 yuan down to the current 3.31, China Ship from 300 yuan down to the current 19.87 yuan, he will know how stupid he is in the analysis of the bloom and decline of the market when said, a stock once the end of a long bloom market If you dont stop loss, you may really want to leave the stock to future generations. The fifth off is not care, just a little loss it is the opposite of the above, the above is too much loss, here is not enough loss a lot of small losses seem not to matter, but a lot of big losses are from small losses, many people do not stop loss is because at the beginning is a small loss, do not care to stop loss, and then become Big loss, and numb to the dead carry on not to stop, the result is to ask the gentleman can have a few more worries, just like a full position in the oil above five hurdles is to prevent the stop-loss roadblock, the core is afraid to face their mistakes, hoping to greater "bet" to cover up the mistakes that have occurred this is the most terrible thing in the stock market anything has a cost, stop-loss There are also costs, the cost of stop-loss is in case the stop-loss is wrong how many people are not willing to stop-loss is not willing to pay even a small cost for stop-loss, hoping that everything is free, all the benefits are accounted for how this is possible? Many people do not go to stop-loss is actually afraid of stop-loss error, and the absurdity is that such people can ignore the mistakes that have occurred, but instead worry about the future is not necessarily the wrong stop-loss moreover, stop-loss is the best means used to terminate the error so, stop-loss is always correct even if the stop-loss is wrong, it is at best less money, while stop-loss can be eternal to avoid bankruptcy, the latter is the stock market to settle down specific to the tactics On, the following stop loss is recommended: First, the loss amounted to 5% of the total funds, regardless of any reasons and excuses, unconditional stop loss; Second, the market is not good, and the trend is unfavorable to their own, immediate stop loss; Third, the trend can not see, and unfavorable to their own, immediate stop loss; Fourth, after buying the stock, did not achieve expectations, gradually stop loss; Fifth, time stop loss, after buying a long time no market, gradually stop loss; Sixth, the The reason for buying the stock does not exist anymore, has changed, was clarified, progressive stop loss; seven, the amount of loss of individual stocks more than 30%, regardless of any reasons and excuses, unconditional stop loss stop loss is mainly in accordance with these seven, and as long as one of them immediately stop loss stop loss is rigid, to the stop loss position on the implementation, regardless of whether it will rebound the next day, regardless of whether the market is warming up at the time, the first stop loss is done As for the wrong stop loss, the stock rebounded again how to do? Then buy again is the stop loss is one thing, buy again is another thing, they are two independent logic, is two independent operations, they can not cancel each other out the purpose of doing so is to implement the idea that the stop loss is always correct, the stop loss into a habit