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How to Contact SiriusXM by Phone

SiriusXM is a radio service that streams your favorite radio stations via satellite. The good news is that the company has managed to stay competitive with terrestrial radio services by putting the customer first and letting you decide what you want to hear. However, the bad news is that there are a number of customer service blunders to be found. Some of the more common complaints involve rude and unresponsive customer service representatives, inaccurate channel lineups and billing issues. A good tip is to read the fine print carefully, and to have a list of questions to ask the representative before he or she makes a decision.

It"s no secret that SiriusXM boasts a better streaming experience than traditional terrestrial radio, but not every device is designed to make the cut. For instance, SiriusXM has a tendency to drop signals in urban areas, and you can"t always count on having an open reception. To make the most of your listening experience, make sure you have a portable device available at all times.

The same is true for Sirius XM"s other offerings, such as their music and sports packages. In addition to the usual suspects, the company has some new offerings to its credit, including a "Guardian" which can notify emergency services in the event of an airbag deployment. This is a good time to call up the company"s customer service department and have a chat. They also have an online portal that allows you to order your favorite songs and shows, if you"re in the market for a new set.

Another thing to try is the Sirius XM e-mail alert. The email can be sent to you or a friend whenever a new song, artist or show is added to your subscription. The service is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. You can also call or write to the company to report a problem, or negotiate a price adjustment on your current package.

The company has a dedicated customer service center located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. While their offices are impressive, the company"s customer service is a little sluggish. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to get your problems solved, from calling your local car dealership to submitting a web-based form. There are even some other ways to test the water, like playing a game of poker with your subscription. Just be careful, as there"s no shortage of competition.