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The hedging technique of foreign exchange speculation

The hedg cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg technique, it cashbackforexpipcalculator estimated that for Chinese friends of foreign exchange speculation will be relatively unfamiliar, but for our company forexcashbackprofitcalculator New Zealand investors friends will be very familiar Here I would like to briefly introduce, hedging, hedging this idea is the cashback forex profit calculator in 2003 and a Singaporean friend exchange process was inspired, this friend in the New York futures trading market has nearly 30 years of on-market He introduced the author to the operation of some financial derivatives, the mathematical principles of risk control and the production of financial derivatives trading models in the process of mentioning the concept of hedging I studied after the hedging program is not suitable for a single foreign exchange analysis, the author studied the United States futures and options, made a lot of models have not been successful, and then think about the simple things are the most useful things. Besides, the author is specialized in technical analysis whether it cashback forex come from a combination of (derivatives mainly through some product characteristics of hedging to make money), the result of this plan so generated The first real plan to start experimenting is at the end of 2003, the author in their own experimental account (margin account) to do, the results are very satisfactory earnings about more than 3 months just per lot of interest on 1500 After this, I dare not slow down, the author will be a variety of high-interest currency technical trends well analyzed, and then the interest rate policy of various countries carefully reviewed, designed a lot of models In the last year for a considerable period of time, the author recommended some high-interest currency believe that you know the final results, on the last quarter of last year alone A quarter, the average return of the author are more than 30%, before the return is even higher at present these currencies in the author after half a year of waiting, and finally regained attention, re-opening our interest journey, but also hope that you can get on the express train Here I give you an example, this example is the author in early January of this year to open the real deal ($ 20,000 of starting capital ) in buying 1 hand of GBP/CHF crosses, the transaction price at 2.1900, closing price at 2.2700, although the author in the exchange rate difference of only 800 points, this hand of single position time 90 days of interest is not less the authors earnings are very impressive to reach more than 40% earnings are calculated as follows: 1 hand * 800 points * 8.2 ($ 8.2 per point) + 20 (20 per day) US dollar interest)*90 days*1 yield = --------------------------=41.6% 20000 (starting capital) At present, I am extremely concerned about this series of high-interest currencies, but concern does not mean that now you can enter the market to do transactions how the market trend will go? At what price can you start to establish a position? How many positions can be opened at what price? What are the target and stop loss levels for these currencies? How long will the wave run? In response to these questions I have spent about a month doing my homework, while the author for the companys customer requirements, will be tailored for different capital situation and different risk tolerance a set of plans, so our customers can pay attention to the authors articles and the companys members at all levels of trading strategy, and once the time to open positions mature, will be the first time to tell everyone from the above returns to see I do not know whether it is satisfied, even according to the interest rate earnings, then the return rate of 3 months can reach 9%, the annual interest rate can also reach more than 36%, such high interest earnings believe that any bank can not reach the But, there is always a risk of investment? How to control the position, good money management and master the timing of entry