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How Many Trades Can You Open on Forex?

Many people wonder: How many trades can I open on forex? The answer depends on how much capital you have in your account. There are three types of accounts: standard, micro, and VIP. If you have a large enough balance to open several trades, you should definitely do so. Otherwise, your account will be considered dead . If you don t have enough money to make your trades, you can always open a mini account.

In fact, the forex market is open 24 hours a day. Because of this, you ll find the market much easier to understand and trade on. Most of the trading takes place between the hours of 1 pm GMT and 4 p.m. GMT. By using a common base reference time, you ll make it easier to trade and make decisions. But, if you re trading from home, make sure to check with your broker or bank before placing your first trade.