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What Can You Get For Your Money With Sirius XM?

If you are a consumer of Sirius XM, you are probably aware that it offers a service called Streaming Music and Entertainment (SME). This entails paying a monthly subscription fee, which in turn grants access to an assortment of online radio channels. Fortunately, there is a way to make the process a little less painful. You can manage your subscription online. Similarly, you can call customer care if you have problems with your Guardian(tm) account.

The Sirius XM name is trademarked by Sirius XM Radio Inc. This includes all related logos and marks. In addition, this company is not the same as any other subsidiary or successor entity. So, does this mean you are free to use their products and services?

The question is, what can you get for your money? The answer is, you can have access to satellite and internet radio, but you may have to travel to a foreign country if you want to see your favorite shows on the big screen. Despite this, you have to remember that Sirius XM is not available in any other countries. Luckily, there is a service you can take advantage of that allows you to listen to the best of the big three: the major US news networks, Fox Sports, and ESPN. Using the Sirius XM app, you can enjoy the sounds of your favorite team while on the go.

Aside from the radio and mobile apps, there is also the Sirius XM online website. Using this site, you can browse your bill and see what you have in your account. Moreover, you can check out some of the other features like the Guardian(tm) and Remote Commands.

Besides the above mentioned Streaming Music and Entertainment plan, you can also subscribe to a handful of additional channels if you so choose. Unlike most satellite radio providers, Sirius XM has a dedicated beam aimed at the US customer base. With the help of these beams, you can tune in to a slew of other channels, including NFL(r), MLB(r), NHL(r), and others. Among other things, Sirius XM has a handy mobile app that lets you change your plan, cancel your subscription, or downgrade your account. For Android devices, you can do this through Google Play.

The Sirius XM app also has a small library of novelty items, such as the "Sirius XM" (named after the company) and a "SiriusXM Radio ID," a unique number that indicates you have a Lifetime Subscription to SME. However, it should be noted that you can only sign up for a limited number of radio transfers, and there is a fee to do so.

While it is unlikely that Sirius XM will ever admit to any wrongdoing, it has made a small gesture of goodwill in the form of a Settlement agreement with the Named Plaintiffs. Specifically, the company has agreed to pay Court-approved attorneys" fees to the named plaintiffs. Additionally, it has agreed to the other mainstay of any settlement: a pro-rata refund to any Class Member whose Inactive Lifetime Subscription was renewed in the last two years.