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The newcomers need to speculate in foreign exchange which several psychological hurdles

   For cashbackforexpipcalculatorvestors fighting in the forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashback forex profit calculator market, speculation in foreign exchange there are several cashback forex must be experienced, if not th cashbackforexprofitcalculator experience, that your level of speculation in foreign exchange is not this several hurdles is not technical analysis of the hurdles or foreign exchange knowledge level of the hurdles, specifically refers to the psychological hurdles, that is, we often say the mindset that the following We will take a look at the process of speculation in foreign exchange must be stepped over several hurdles The first hurdle: you can stare at the plate every day and empty position for a month? Or even longer? This first hurdle is to hone patience, in the foreign exchange trading market we have to learn to wait for the opportunity to short position is also the operation, and is a high level of operation, but it is also the most difficult operation! Short positions are definitely a prerequisite for making a lot of money, and short positions are the best way to avoid the market value fall back, because only short positions can be cool-headed! From the length of your short position you can see how a persons mentality The second hurdle: when the other currencies rose, your currency in hand but fell, you will feel lost? If you feel very disappointed, do you have the urge to change currencies? On the other hand, if other currencies are falling, but your currency is rising, do you feel excited and want to post about it regardless of other peoples feelings? If you have both, it means you are very impatient, you should pass the second hurdle not to rise happy, not to fall sad! Foreign exchange because the main intervention time has successive, start natural rotation, historical data tells us that a round of big market down, most of the foreign exchange rate of increase is about the same (excluding individual super bull currency), therefore, as long as there is patience, the opportunity can be said to be equal Third Can: If the exchange rate has fallen below the important support line, you have a fluke mentality? When the foreign exchange rate goes all the way down, do you expect it to rebound all the way? If these have, then you have a long way to go, and this third can is also the biggest and most testing a can, the vast majority of foreign exchange is not able to pass the broken line to leave the field! The main force will never let their foreign exchange transactions at will break, so the break must be in the first time resolutely leave the field In fact, in the foreign exchange market and the world to play the game, a lot of hurdles, it is not because a little technology will be able to overcome in the foreign exchange market, you want to beat yourself before you can beat others A successful investor in foreign exchange investment must complete the five basic processes: into In fact, these stages are included in the three hurdles only after we have passed these hurdles, we can go farther and farther in the foreign exchange market