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The origin of the dollar sign $

 Everyone knows the c cashback forexhbackforexprofitcalculator sign $, but do you know that this symbol cashbackforexpipcalculator actually the first symbol of the Spanish peso? Do you know why $10 was recorded as $10 forexcashbackprofitcalculatorstead of 10$? Do you know that the word dollar originated in a city in Bohemia? And listen to us slowly Todays dollar symbol $ is the earliest abbreviation of the Spanish currency peso (peso) letter p, and only later gradually transformed into the dollar symbol Perhaps some people will ask, why $ will become the abbreviation of the letter p? People usually abbreviate the peso when referring to the peso, for example, 1peso will be recorded as 1p If it is a plural form, 1000pesos is recorded as ps When writing financial data, ps tends to appear many times, so people began to think of ways to write p and s together, write s on top of p Later, in order to be more convenient, simply directly the vertical line of the letter p up The head, the s through up, so the formation of the current symbol $  then, the symbol of the Spanish peso and how to evolve into the dollar symbol? It turns out that the Americans first began to mint dollars in 1792, when the Spanish peso was already in wide circulation around the world and in the United States So, the Americans used the Spanish peso as a model for casting dollars, so the dollar was similar to the peso in terms of material, weight and value At that time, the material of the coin was mainly silver, and its value was also determined by the price of silver So, at that time, a dollar coin could be exchanged for a corresponding The dollar was able to circulate freely in the market as well as the peso, and of course the same symbol as the peso was used Here, add some other trivia about the dollar: 1. It is worth mentioning that the British colonists in the United States first abbreviated the ps as $ Although the symbol originally referred to the peso, it was the British-Americans who invented the symbol So, we When recording $10, it is customary to use $10 instead of 10$ The former is the Anglo-American way of writing, while the latter is the Hispanic way of writing 2. Youve probably also heard another version of the claim that the dollar sign $ evolved from the S in US (UnitedStates) This claim was made as early as Cajoris 1929 book, The History of Mathematical Symbols (This claim was proven wrong as early as Cajoris 1929 book, The History of Mathematical Symbols (Volume II), in which Cajori stated that the $ symbol existed long before the United States was founded 3. The word dollardollar originated from thaler, which is an abbreviation for Joachimsthaler Joachimsthaler was a city in Bohemia that began minting coins in 1516  4, $ symbol has a vertical and two vertical points a vertical $ is not necessarily the U.S. dollar in some other countries and regions, the name of the currency will also use $ for the sake of distinction, the U.S. dollar, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars, Singapore dollars, Hong Kong dollars, respectively, with US $, Can $, A $, NZ $, S $ and HK $ said only two vertical symbols specifically refers to the U.S. dollar cashback forex profit calculator