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How to Add XM Radio to Existing Account

If you are a fan of a good car radio, you are probably interested in adding a SiriusXM satellite radio to your dashboard. Not only will it allow you to listen to your favorite tunes, it will also be a lot easier to operate. And, you"ll have a bunch of cool channels to choose from, which means you won"t have to worry about missing any big games or concerts. It"s even possible to stream the radio to your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. You"ll have access to a wide variety of channels that include talk, music, sports, news, and more. Plus, you can use the SiriusXM app to manage your subscription, control your settings, and even change the channel. So, if you"ve been curious about this service, now"s the time to check it out.

First, you need to find out what the Sirius XM is all about. In other words, which channels are available on your particular vehicle, and how many you can have at once. You can start the process by searching the menu for the newest additions, or you can ask your dealer. Some factory radios are compatible with the Sirius XM system, while others are not. To get the best deal, make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer, one that will be happy to answer your questions in person.

Next, you"ll want to choose the best XM channel for your vehicle. This is where SiriusXM"s multi-channel functionality comes in handy. You can choose from over 150 channels, ranging from sports to music to talk radio. Additionally, you"ll have the option of combining several channels into a single subscription, which can be a smart choice if you"re a multi-tasker.

Finally, you"ll need to add a SiriusXM subscription to your new or pre-owned vehicle. You"ll have to log in to your account, and enable the Sirius/XM skill in order to do so. Once you"ve done that, you can begin streaming your favorite tunes, wherever you go. While you"re at it, you may as well get the most out of your money by signing up for a SiriusXM all-access trial. The company offers three-month all-access trials to customers who purchase a new or certified pre-owned Nissan, Tesla, or Subaru vehicle. With this subscription, you"ll enjoy the biggest assortment of channels and the newest and best technology.

For more information on the Sirius XM all-access trial, contact your local dealership. You can also contact the Sirius XM customer service department. They can help you decide if your vehicle is eligible for the all-access trial, and they can walk you through the entire process. From there, you"ll have to select the most appropriate plan for your needs, which includes a free trial and free shipping, if applicable. Just be prepared to wait a little while, as there will be a bit of a learning curve. But, you"ll be glad you did!

After you"ve done your research and determined what works for you, you"re ready to start your new subscription. Take note that you will have to wait at least a few days to access the all-access trial, but don"t worry, you"ll still be able to enjoy your favorite tunes during the trial.