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The real forex trading masters are silent!

forex trad cashbackforexpipcalculatorg in China cashback forex profit calculator also popular in fact there are still a few years, a lot of new friends in the foreign exchange market is also about a year or even a few months over people know, newcomers in the process of adapting to this market, will go through a stage - blind faith always feel that as long as with a master or teacher shout single, you cashbackforexprofitcalculator grasp the vagaries of the market The newcomers will be more determined to believe, especially after the masters words with a lot of charts cashback forex very professional terminology, of course, we can also find the reason from the newcomers, accusing them should forexcashbackprofitcalculator blindly follow the single but if someone issued the market plan has no operational significance, then issued for what? And why is it necessary to analyze so thoroughly so sure? Im not saying that its wrong to send out your own ideas, but please be careful, because, 100% accurate market predictions do not exist either at the outset to indicate that it is an exchange post, do not do operational advice, or simply remain silent I can understand that some technical analysis is very good friends eager to help other friends mentality, but good intentions may not lead to good results recently from a teacher who is not very temperamental The teacher (in fact, not old, also on the 35-year-old), I have seen his trading records, he probably 4-5 single per week, but sometimes a day will be under 7/8 single, almost three years, only less than 10 losses he said something to me, I want to use these words to explain why those positive analysis of friends "good intentions may not lead to good results "The teachers words I am gradually understanding, by the way, take out and discuss with you 1. Dont draw lines on your K chart, especially those classic K-line pattern, what wedge reversal, head and shoulders bottom head and shoulders top - most people in this market will draw these diagrams when this thing is The more classic graphics the easier it is to deceive people, often it will knock off the stop loss of those who believe in the graphics, and then choose the direction - this time it is easy to choose the original you expect The more classic graphs the easier it is to cheat, often it will knock off the stop loss of those who believe in this graph, and then choose the direction - this time it is easy to choose the original direction you expect, but this time you have fallen into self-doubt dare not place a single 3. can 100% predict the market at all, anyway, I can not predict the disorderly fluctuations within 20 points in Europe and the United States, so I usually put the stop loss to 50 But many times I think, I can see the opportunity to a total of less than 50 points, so give up - -This market is not worth the opportunity to start, many people are seemingly opportunity traps pitted 4. study the basic economics to your advantage, even if the industry is actually retarded to the point of a mouse to make money, you have to know that those with big money in their hands fund managers have been educated, probably will prompt them to invest their money to the multiple or short side 5. What is called homeopathy first we have to understand what is the "potential" - the k line of your average what mess are withdrawn, and then look at the K line price, slowly you will feel its mood, just like water, when hesitant, when Slow and firm, when the momentum is like a breakthrough, when to recuperate, when to attack the lack of power you understand its mood, you understand its "potential", and then follow the go on the classic graphics can vary fake, but the "potential" can not --Never seen what the market price in the market hesitant when up 1000 points 6. Because no one can accurately predict the trend, especially the forward trend, so do not predict the potential, heavy operation methods, light prediction on the night if you go home today, for example, I was - -A: give you a few things to tell you at the same time: if you meet the rain on this umbrella, if you meet the wolf will take this brick to smash him, if you meet the evil dog will take the meat buns to lead it away, lost, then take these money to take a taxi back to ...... good? Or - B: jumped out and pretend to be a great man: you are bound to meet a pervert tonight! This is good? --Anyone with this crystal ball to pull you have to tell you what will happen to you in the next three days, you must be when he is crazy, then why someone took out a few pieces of paper chart to tell you the trend of the next month, you believe him and respect him as a master? --The market is not at all simple than life! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddha said: can not say can not say, a say is wrong because each persons situation is different, suitable for different things Previously a friend doing foreign exchange agent, invited me to The reason I declined to give a lecture to his potential customers at the time is that my method of operation is a light position with a wide stop loss, although the stop loss is difficult to be hit, but hit a time is a couple of hundred points, I used a position of 4,000 U.S. dollars to operate 0.1 standard lot, the problem is certainly not big, but if the 500 account with this technique, is not waiting for the position to explode? I never feel that there is only one truth in this market as long as it is suitable is good "Avenue invisible", it is always around everyone in the most suitable form exists, only to see if you can find it if a person firmly believe in their own hands is the truth, others are fallacies, so have to popularize their own truth to others, that is a disaster some friends will say, there are many beginners waiting for me to solve the puzzle - yes, for newcomers, the appropriate guidance should be but how to let them develop the ability to think independently on their own, is a more important thing (of course, if the class is held to teach or sell operational advice, that is another story) every real master of silence Because in the market, no market can be accurately predicted; in the operation, want to promote their own truth to others will often be a disaster; finally, you can only talk about the mentality, but the mentality and be too much talk but in fact I like this noble silence at least this silence will not let the people affected by its operating tendencies, this silence does not produce losses lastly, I said please masters Keep silent, not can not do experience summaries and memoirs what let us learn after all, the experience of the masters will let us take a detour I said silence, the first is please try not to desperately yell analysis beforehand, and then to not be able to say their own position and then temporarily modified; second do not think they mastered the method is the truth, others are lost sheep simply can not, so see who want to stick a drink --This really depends on the person, the hard head of the karmic people may get your way, but the weak physique may not be a stick killed Author: xiaowei