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The road of college students speculating in foreign exchange - mentality change

two years ago, cashback">cashbackforexprofitcalculator identity cashbackforexpipcalculator a university student in Guangzhou, read the university should know that at least 2/3 time are squandered by their own (of course, do forexcashbackprofitcalculator exclude the existence of the school bully), of course, cashback forex profit calculator did not squander their time, but a zha head into the road of no return (Oh, at that time, the blow to me a lot), because their own nature like new and strange things. At that time on the Internet inadvertently learned about foreign exchange, naively thought, the currency market to make money turned out to be so simple, only need to simply move their fingers, you can take all the profits in the bag, immediately be attracted to the past, think online can also earn money something very amazing (of course, look at the Baidu promotion of the black platform or junk platform), after about a month of understanding, slowly feel that they can come to try once, at that time Really silly very silly, I directly into the real gold to practice, because the source of the black platform (forget this what platform), so is the direct deposit of RMB 14000, you may think I am rich second generation, I am not, but the family of the settlement money into my account, because the family trust me (obviously failed the trust of the family); thus, began a month-long career of speculation in foreign exchange, and are is under a heavy position, almost full position, a month later, we do not have to guess all know my fate, due to insufficient insurance money burst out of that day, my whole person is frozen, although now for me is not much, but for me is still a student, the money is equivalent to my two years of tuition, the next day also need to go to class, simply do not want to go to class, they asked the teacher to leave to go to Zengcheng to find my cousin, and cousin explained the intention, the The money back to my original account, the family soon also took the money away, the matter also came to an end after borrowing money from my cousin, my whole mentality has changed, I became silent, I still look at these flowery green charts, of course, I do not have the money to do a single, but also dare not do I left nearly a year, which did N more part-time jobs, catering, lifeguards, investigators, handing out orders, into the Factory summer and winter jobs, originally planned to earn money from part-time jobs to pay off debts, but then talked about a girlfriend, half spent on her, half for their own food (feel guilty, every time the family asked and food costs said there), so before graduation and cousin borrowed money a point did not return although their own contact with foreign exchange also some days in fact, the middle away from the time is not a lot, in fact, do not do foreign exchange to live More happy, more relaxed to return to the foreign exchange because I work a year of experience, I am now in Guangzhou, a start-up company as a programmer (is the code farmer), here I want to declare that the professional is a shipbuilding professional, but I found the programming work (this is my character led to, like novelty, like the challenge), when classmates and teachers understand that I entered the computer when are very surprised, because my professional and computer really is I found that my learning ability is actually not bad this rhythm of life around the computer reminds me of the pain I had in college, this pain actually still exists, because I failed my familys trust but I want to try once, I want to get back for themselves, when they were a naive little rookie washed by the blood of the currency market, but now I will not be so easy to let the market sweep me out of the bureau. Half a year also read a lot of trading books, because of their own work, developed a non-hurried character, the outside world has always said that programmers are more shy, to put it bluntly is more mute because programming in the event of problems need enough patience to solve the problem, patience is not the highest skill that the master level people have? Of course I am not yet, but now these patience is enough for me to adhere to a simple system, for the time being, it is enough for me, the development of the future depends on their own creation of their own slowly build up the trading system, I call it "box open system" because I am not the actual operation, so the system has no say, I will also I do not introduce, my current system is 15 minutes level, because this is in line with my single maximum loss amount, of course, is on the replays on the simulation test, according to the test results, they are still relatively satisfied, according to their own set of trading rules, or to achieve 20%-30% profit, although the profit accounted for not much, but can initially think that the system credible, to achieve their own survival of the first step, I know time is not enough, so I will continue to optimize the system, when the conditions are right into a small amount of money to try, I know I am not qualified to discuss the trading system here before there is no stable profit, but as long as they are light, follow the trend, if you want to burst are quite difficult to have a period of time I searched various forums for information on the burst post, and save the page, once they do not follow the rules on Read through all the posts, in fact, its really like Jack Ma said: "successful people of all kinds (Inak on the style of very different people exist)", the situation is very similar to the people who blew their positions, Im not looking for the holy grail of trading, because Im sure my intuition tells me that to achieve profitability must first survive the seniors to evaluate whether my ideas are correct