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The six reasons for blowout and prevention

1, the position">cashback forex profit calculator too heavy with a large proportion of leverage heavy position orders, its risk resistance is very poor, belongs to the excessive trading, is the main reason for the blowout, often is the idea of quick success, overnight riches at play to avoid the method is a small amount of light positions, fine water flow for example: in the mini-account, if you have $ 10,000 principal, with 10 times the leverage, each time you open a maximum of no more than 1 For example, in the mini account, if you have $10,000 in principal, with 10 times the leverage, each time you open a position of up to 1 h cashbackforexpipcalculator, so that the risk resistance is more than 900 points, the risk degree of about 10%; if the full position to open 10 lots of single, then the risk resistance is less than 100 points, the risk degree of more than 90%, as long as the transaction currency reverse go 100 points to the burst may be some people think that the position is too light, too slow to make money, in fact, the essence of the transaction to make money is to make money with compound interest, cashbackforexprofitcalculator to make money with burst interest on the mode of making money with compound interest, each person The individual is not the same, investors can sum up their own in practice to prevent methods: light position and small amount, follow the trend; long flow of water, accumulate less into more 2, frequent in and out which is typical of excessive trading someone because the position is too heavy and burst, but also someone light position and small amount and burst, the reason for this is: frequent in and out, excessive trading from a psychological point of view is no plan, eager to turn over the money, random single, under the mood single, and finally The result is a bad mentality, high odds, like a dull knife cutting meat, the capital was cut little by little, and finally the violent position of the matter the behavior there is also a psychological demon is a broken jar of self-mutilation tendencies, think anyway, also lost into this, just play it the cashback forex is cold and ruthless, it specializes in repairing those who trade haphazardly with their emotions professional speculators are often called cold killers, because they Not be emotionally swayed, follow the market, strictly according to the signals issued by the system to trade; and amateur speculators are often emotional, regardless of priorities, a brute force prevention methods: three consecutive trading mistakes, to resolutely strike not to make 3, not to set a stop loss many newcomers to investment is because the foreign exchange market as the stock market, no active stop loss and lead to a crash position for the reasons, one is a psychological barrier, the second is the technical factors, the third is Habitual problems psychological barriers are mainly reflected in the fluke, once the position is opened, do not set a stop loss, fluke hope that the price can move in the direction of their open positions; technical factors is not know where to set the stop-loss point, which requires more learning; habitual problems to keep in mind: stop-loss is in the foreign exchange market to do margin trading can survive the iron law, must develop a habit but some people are worried, hit the stop loss After that, the price back how to do? In principle is to follow the eight words: never regret, push back never regret is to caution themselves that it is normal to break the stop loss, is the cost of the trading process must be paid; push back is to tell themselves that since the stop loss was broken, indicating that the entry point and stop loss position has problems, to seriously identify the crux of the problem, timely summary, calmly deal with, in order to facilitate the prevention method: remember that the stop loss is your survival must this Article 4, blindly follow the single in the website forum or QQ group, there are many investors who blindly follow the shouting of others to operate, because there is no own opinion and lead to a shortage of positions are all the reasons, one is not confident in themselves, have the bad habit of listening to the news trading; two is a blind master worship ideas, can not see both sides of the issue the former because the investor has no opinion, sooner or later, the problem; the latter is Investors should realize that, due to the uncertainty of the foreign exchange market, no one can steadily predict the turning point of each important market, the gurus are no exception forum shouting single person is not even a guru, more likely to keep the signal of each transaction are accurate, no matter how they analyze seemingly word-for-word prevention methods: learn from but not attached, improvise, follow the trend and for 5, against the market whenever the market staged Forced short market or kill more than the market, will blow up many peoples accounts, the reason is that investors are bent on dead or dead short, will not be flexible, adjust to the trend; and the more wrong the more code, plus dead code, fantasy one day the price back, to turn defeat into victory; the results did not wait until the day of defeat into victory, the bullets early played out, died in the middle of the way to know that the market is neither long, nor short, only Slippery head to survive for a long time to avoid methods: hard practice, follow the trend and 6, refused to admit their mistakes many investors once the wrong direction, they can not make a decision on the spot, the brave man broke his wrist; but lucky, expecting the market to turn around according to his imagination; or to find their own market should turn back, the practice is not wrong for a variety of reasons; or blind optimism, dead resistance to the end, not hit the wall not to turn back; or pretend to turn a blind eye, indifferent, and feel good about themselves. and feel good about themselves but no matter how investors think, how to do, wrong is wrong, if investors still want to survive in this market, the only way is no self, with the trend of walking with who will not have trouble with the money, but only first learn to keep the capital to survive, in order to have the back of the money development prevention methods: keep in mind that the market is always right, the wrong can only be you this famous saying