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The standard stop-loss method in foreign exchange trading

  Stop-loss forexcashbackprofitcalculator a life-saving pill, but unfortunately most people do cashbackforexpipcalculator know how to use the loss is a happy thing, admit defeat is a kind of art, I do not know when you can experience? One day, if your investment behavior only earn and lose, win and lose, no set, then not far from success investors most often do is often forgive themselves; blame others, blame analysts wrong foreign exchange, and even blame the global economy and so on, but rarely blame themselves the currency market is like a chess match, the two armies engaged in battle, the layout is particularly important, which is more than empty traps, deceive the enemy to win sometimes heard But the real chess always and the game, the foreign exchange market is not, one is not careful, small losses hedge, serious people lost their homes, their life savings into the clouds even if very attentive investors, diligent study of the fundamentals, technical aspects, the chip side, at best ten times in and out of the right five times, the final result is still lost as a matter of fact ten times right five times, the results should not be divided into winners and losers, why ultimately still lose it? The reason is very simple, every time you buy the right foreign exchange, up five percent on the snicker, up ten percent on the satisfaction, if up fifteen percent on the rush to take profits out of the field, never have the opportunity to enjoy big profits on the contrary, if you buy the wrong foreign exchange, down five percent as a matter of course, down ten percent does not hurt, down fifteen percent a little nervous, down twenty percent began to look forward to rebound, and finally fell more than Thirty percent is ready for a long-term resistance to the concept of stop-loss has been put forward, but the problem is that the stop-loss cashback forex profit calculator in the mind of each investor, often with the news of the ups and downs, that is, the concept of stop-loss, no stop-loss execution, as long as no real implementation, everything is empty talk This chapter is the most important is to propose a set of standard stop-loss price formula, investors as long as they do implement, then at least do one thing right, that is, from today will not be Lets learn the following practices, and say goodbye to the hedge! Do not speculate or predict for no reason a file foreign exchange in what price to adjust back to the file simply do not predict the cashback forex, but to learn to confirm the head every time the exchange rate back to the file or reverse down will appear head, usually composed of five K-line arrangement each time the head is established, immediately calculate the stop-loss price formula: the head of the highest closing price X0.9 = stop-loss price stop-loss price plate broken within thirty minutes no longer stand up, immediately stop loss Exit stop-loss price implementation of the highest principle for rather than sell wrong, but also do not want to expand the loss of the so-called head of the highest closing price means that when a foreign exchange head, the head of the highest closing price is usually generated by the combination of five k lines, when a file of foreign exchange rose after a period of obvious head investors should immediately calculate their own stop-loss price in accordance with the formula, as long as the exchange rate fell below the stop-loss price 30 minutes not back, should When the opportunity to sell action in other words, when a file of foreign exchange buy, even if the head is established in the stop-loss price is not broken before, may not do sell action, this method can be in the long period to earn a large section of a simple simulation case: the head of the highest closing price of 10 yuan stop-loss price = 10 yuan X 0.9 = 9 yuan 1. buy price 8.5 yuan, stop-loss price of 9 yuan, 30 minutes in the disk fell below the stop-loss price does not return, sell for a profit 5.8%, to avoid the risk of continued decline; 2. Buy price of $ 9, stop loss price of $ 9, 30 minutes during the day to fall below the stop price does not return, sell flat, to avoid the risk of continued decline; 3. Buy price of $ 9.5, stop loss price of $ 9, 30 minutes during the day to fall below the stop price does not return, sell for a loss of 5.2%, to avoid the risk of continued decline; again: is the highest closing price of the head, not the highest price of the head