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The system is not good or bad the key lies in the use of the only and continuous

rely on the cultivation of d">forexcashbackprofitcalculatork sense to make a single, itself has instability to pick the time to make a single more gambling factor my trading cashback forex is almost continuous in the citys win rate in 20%, sometimes less than that means cashback forex profit calculator average into the position 5 times may have a win sometimes can offset the previous loss cashbackforexpipcalculator have a balance, sometimes can only offset part of the loss but several years I Ive been using it for several years and never made the so-called refinement and optimization sometimes for weeks in a losing position, but I never stopped placing orders I only operate in Europe and the United States a currency pair to open and add positions are using 1% of total funds all use pending orders so my buy orders are always at new highs, sell orders are always at new lows to add positions at higher highs and lower locations no limit, no limit to add positions, as long as there are new highs or new lows appear to add until the system has a reversal signal concept is very similar to the turtles, I do after a lot of data statistics from the new adjustment 24 hours a day, sometimes quit on weekends is such a system so that I survive in the currency market for several years, and become my main source of livelihood, I forgot to say, I am not a broker no commission and salary to take I never look at the data and news, but also refused to see due to the trend system, no matter how it will take me I think it is not correct to predict the news, contrary to the signals of the system, more undesirable to predict and gambling is synonymous with the other people pick the time period to do single, I think this also has a gambling factor In fact, many of my profitable single is in the morning 4, 5 points or 9, 10 points in the morning to establish the initial position, which is the prototype of the trend in this When I first used the system, I was anxious about continuous losses; I was tempted to close my positions impulsively when I took a big profit; I even wavered about changing the system, but I got over it. Compound interest; I think there is no good or bad system, the key is to use is not the only and continuous; manipulation is actually a battle with their willpower; pure speculators are lonely; speculation is extremely physically demanding industry The above is my view of the currency market Author: stationed in the deep cold