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The technical indicators are not too obsessive!

For newcomers, the purpose of learning technical indicators cashback forex profit calculator to allow you to feel the cashbackforexpipcalculator as soon as possible, to develop your sense of plate no matter what indicators, you must go to comprehend cashbackforexprofitcalculator understand understand through, we must slowly abandon the technical indicators I have tried many methods, each technical indicators and trading systems have done in-depth research whether it is the Japanese candlestick chart, or the Western wave theory whether it is the old trend technical analysis, or 1, wave theory is an afterthought, the typical hindsight indicator they attribute the market to 5 waves and a wave extension wave is all after the fact look at the graphical interpretation out! When the market is running, due to too many uncertainties and interference graphics, you simply do forexcashbackprofitcalculator dare to enter based on the wave When I found the defects of the wave, I gave up on his research, just use him to observe the market, and not based on him to make a single 2, the ancient trend cashback forex, should focus on the principle of things but three trend line, is the price of two highs and lows in line, and determine the trend line when the two points decided that The price of the third contact to the line, there is an 80% probability of a reversal because the trend line basically responds to the publics meaning and the direction of the market price march but rely entirely on it, it is a bit hanging short term traders, can be based on the trend line trend line trading law is also a form of trading law 3, the foreign exchange market is invisible volume where the foreign exchange market to talk about volume are fools! Technical indicators are about price, volume, time, space, people, although the volume is placed in the second position but the volume of the foreign exchange market is no one knows open MT4 platform, point the right mouse button, there is a volume, that the most volume means that when the volume is large, it is the most active time in the market when you understand when the market is most active, the volume can be used 4, KD (called in the platform STOCH) indicator must be used with caution it is a stochastic indicator he designed the idea is to use the concept of physics space said objects in the high natural decline, in the low natural rebound sounds very right but the use of KDJ indicators to do single, must remember! He is only in the oscillation, consolidation, bull market, monkey city and other non-unilateral pattern useful must remember! At the same time, when I tell you to use 18, 3, 3, you do not blindly apply! Because different currency pairs have to be adjusted to different positions on the euro is useful, but in the pound does not necessarily work on gold is useful, but in crude oil is not necessarily useful the key issue is that you have to learn how to adjust 3, 3 two data is not to move, as long as you adjust the front of that cycle, adjust to the same signal issued with your other systems can be different computers, different platforms, different network speeds 5, MACD indicator is a little slow this indicator once the signal, the market is almost MACD is like a stumbling old man, walking too slow but he is synchronized with the trend indicators, is a certain role is to send the signal is too slow! Sometimes when the unilateral, also use the fold when the trend unilateral, immediately remove the KDJ indicator, only use MACD SMA focus on the use of Guby SMA As for the use of Guby SMA, too many people want to know you to the group I am in (68799776) slowly learn I will regularly explain the childrens high school exams, I will go to the UC room, give you all but I want to tell you is that Guby line is mainly a set of medium and long term trading system, with 1 hour or 4 hours to see the trend, the trend up, you will only more not empty, the trend down, you will only empty not more then to 5 minutes or 15 minutes to find the buying and selling points really can not see the trend I teach you a simple way to open the 1-hour line, click on the line graph, find a child of about 10 years old, ask: children, you see this graph is up or down ah? K line is the fundamental market trading K line contains too many ancient philosophy and philosophy, is the essence of our Eastern philosophy of the main ideas, retail thinking, true or false signals, real breakthroughs, false breakthroughs, all in the K line reaction out to speak esoteric point: Yin Yang, Yang Yin, the old Yin for the less Yang, the old Yang for the less Yin, the only Yin does not grow, the only Yang does not give birth to Yin and Yang, perhaps you are not Very understand this sentence, then I explain, pull out the positive is to tempt you to do more, quickly kill, play the negative, is slowly set you and do not let you stop loss, and then make a small sun, so you feel that may rise up, in you can not resist adding more positions when you kill the old yin, forcing you to stop loss out of the game when you are angry, see kill the big negative, immediately backhand short, at this moment the main old yin for less yang, immediately pull out the positive, put You are again set in the way of the induced empty until you hate out! The market is so cruel, if you find yourself how to do how wrong when I can also teach you the secret: is when you feel to empty, you will find the low point more! When you look at how to feel the graph to fall, you will boldly reverse to do more do not believe, you try, you do not go to study too many indicators, just do what I say of course, must look at the thumbnail, many people do not know how to see, then slowly learn it!