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The theory of the mean line practical chapter cycle direction size inflection point

Introduction: the focus of the study of the mean l cashbackforexprofitcalculatore - cycle, inflection point, direction, size study thoroughly, in order to step on the road to master how to decide to enter the field? a, Look at the cycle of your operation, such as the medium term, large look at the weekly line, which cashback forex profit calculator the direction of the decision, followed by the daily line up, which is Tactical issues, judge the entry cycle on 60 points, pull the trigger on the moment in 15 minutes on the cycle of short then drop a level, that is, look at the day, 60 forexcashbackprofitcalculator 15, day up, looking for 60 points of retracement or divergence, buy on 15 or 5 points b: this is the technical details of the problem, how to determine the low point of retracement? Each fluctuation of the band retracement percentage, important is 38.2, 50, 61.8, here divided into smaller details, look at the rate of decline, back to the magnitude of the block, the strength of natural understanding Secondly, compare the previous highest and lowest each band of the trend, to find out the cycle, note that sometimes asymmetrical, but the total time is basically right, that is, the total period of decline and rise is basically the same, not absolute, is relative, sometimes will drift, but it will help you c: find your favorite 2 indicators to comprehensive judgment, one is the trend class, one is the oscillator class, the focus is on the divergence of indicators and the golden fork, but the golden fork and divided into which trend class, the downward trend of the golden fork is a selling point is not a buying point, the same reason that the rising trend of the dead fork is a buying point, on these 2 points you basically go in the highest point, buy in the lowest point, the trend can cashback forex divided can refer to the historical trend and your own proficiency, a total of four directions of the signal d, the use of averages crossover and indicators with better results, averages to find 2 size different cycles can be simplified to look good not complicated, the direction of good judgment, in the daily large cycle averages best and the next level of small cycle is 4, 5 times the best, there are many skills, understanding the above means that the use of averages a large cycle of inflection point occurs turn This is the signal of the end of the trend more practice you are familiar with, as long as you win more, regardless of the sale in that node must set a good stop loss, which is the most critical to learn the average line you can do better, the important thing is the way and method how to study the average line (period, direction, size, inflection point) "is the meaning of the average," the line is the form of expression . In order to understand and emphasize the importance of the meaning of the average let me first give an example of chemical analysis: if a gold mine is found somewhere, whether it is poor or rich, there is no mining value, chemical analysis is required. The method is as follows: samples are taken from different locations instead of one, mixed and analyzed to determine whether it is poor or rich. Averaging is a statistical, probabilistic, scientific method. I think the study of averages should be considered from four aspects: period, direction, size, and inflection point. (a) the cycle (1) if only for the sale and purchase of individual stocks suggest that you use the common cycle 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, 120, 250, etc. in order to be closer to the market for speculation (2) if the study of the broader market can consider using other time series, many experts in this area have unique research and can find many laws such as: two lines of crossover generated time, the golden fork to escape the top, the dead fork hollow bottom waiting for this has entered the right door to study the stock market (3) multi-cycle resonance. Please open your physics book and take a good look at what resonance is. If you can really understand resonance and successfully apply to the stock market you will benefit a lot. (2) Direction is tendency. If the SMA is greater today than it was yesterday (close>=ref(close,1)), it is called an upward SMA, and vice versa. This is very important. If the long-term average is down, it can generally be defined as a rally on the upside. This is exactly what is happening in the broad market now. (C) size on the one hand in the rate of operation of the line, on the other hand in the k line and the line between the deviation. Deviation is a problem that you must consider. Also consider the size and direction of the two averages will produce four relationships, only short-term averages up and across the long-term averages up is the true meaning of the Golden Cross. (iv) the point of inflection that is, the extreme point, the line tends to change that a point. Carefully study the size of the inflection point and the period between you will have unexpected gains. The study of averages should be the beginning of your study of technical indicators and should not be ignored. In terms of methodology, what you find in the stock market is always a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition, so no matter what level you have reached you should not be proud, always be humble in the face of the market, learn from others, do not compare with others. The market is your best teacher. Technical analysis, with its simplicity, intuition, objectivity, overview, openness, fairness, impartiality of the seven merits in one, and the majority of stockholders like, more for the stock commentators like to use, but if asked, what is the true essence of technical analysis? I believe that the answer will be various, and even, some of the authors will say a lot of marginal insights in fact, in the stock market, technical analysis has already deviated from the direction, and some even slipped into the left side of the misunderstanding to me is very simple, the essence of technical analysis secret - I think it is also the only secret: is to eat the law of stock nature, in can If you can understand this meaning in depth, then, there is no more complicated and specific fixed techniques and tricks in your head, the higher level will be able to achieve the trick of seeing the trick, the trick is better than having a trick, the stock nature will The analysis and operation will also go into the shortcut whether the index or each stock, have their own stock characteristics, just like people, everyone has their own nature characteristics some people are erratic and difficult to understand no human feelings, you feel that he is very annoying very bad to get along, since it is not good to interact with, also respect and stay away; some people are very heavy very steady very humane, easy to be frank nature When we anthropomorphize each stock and see them as spiritual beings, it is easy to grasp the characteristics of the stock through the lens of technical scrutiny, and when the research is deep and penetrating, it is easy to see the macro and micro realms of subtlety, and it is possible to roll with the waves as you wish. Analysis can be said to live, with in place, with the use will be comfortable, the effect will be very good technical data and charts, it is like a mirror, it will be true and fair to the stock price fluctuations to make immediate reflection, this reflection is both lagging passive, but also ahead of the dynamic If you think that technology is only lagging passive response to stock price fluctuations, then, you will only get lagging dead information, and thus passive beaten If you realize that the technology is ahead of the dynamic response to stock price fluctuations, then you will see the live information ahead of time, so that the initiative from the same time, the use of technical analysis can not be rigid dogma imagine, each stock shares vary, then, reflecting the trend of stock price fluctuations based on how is the same old unchanging? For example, the stock price moving average, it is not only a lagging passive response to the stock price, but also with the stock price in the interaction of the formation of relatively stable resonance characteristics of mutual constraints, thus becoming a mirror to examine the future trend of the stock price, through this mirror, we can perceive the movement of the stock price ahead of time, to provide a quantifiable reference basis for trading my understanding of the average is: (1) the same stage of different stocks, with which can (2) The averages that can form a relatively stable and orderly interaction with different stocks at different stages of the same stock will be different (3) The averages that can form a relatively stable and orderly interaction with different stocks at different cycles of the same K-line interface will be different. Relatively stable and orderly interactive resonance of the average reflecting the characteristics of the stock, which is the fundamental principles and techniques of the average winning Thus, I have repeatedly talked about the key points of the market key position, most of them are based on the prevailing situation of the market and the specific average interactive resonance of the stock law to the conclusion, of course, some because of my application errors and understanding is not in place, the so-called key points key position is not critical, but it is undeniable that Some of the key point key position key to the immediate magical use and effect Therefore, I feel that the selection of the average line is the most critical application of the right head then, the use of the average line is roughly the following practical rules: (1) an average line to become a reliable support line, then, when the stock price effectively fell below the average line at a certain stage, most of the rebound to the average line again will stop rising back down (2) an average line to become the stock price stage pressure line, then, when the subsequent stage of the stock price effectively rose above the average, again the average will be most of the rebound to stop the rise (3) a period if a group of stocks rely on a certain average or a group of averages to pull up the market, followed by many shares have formed this trend, then the general trend may still be up, and similar patterns of each stock buying opportunities are more credible and operable (4) large cycle Cycle, if the history of a certain average or a group of averages and stock resonance buy point pattern and in the current large area, then, the trend may continue to go up, and the opportunity of each stock form is also more credible, and has the operability of the above averaging rules in the current trend up each stock differentiation rotation background, is more applicable and operable, as long as the flexible use of the example, it is not difficult to find in the actual battle with In fact, the use of other indicators is also the same reason, such as I often use the MACD indicator, which is a timely and ahead of time to reflect the stock price is about to change the turn of the tool, but we have problems in the application of the method, so, often is not to understand or even made to reverse I often say that we should be good at the large cycle K-line chart (weekly K-line and monthly K-line) Grasp the MACD dead fork after the buy point and gold fork after the sell point, get many people doubt, in fact, precisely this reflects the characteristics of the stock stock law of the present image by my mastery and good use, so I can sometimes go half a beat faster than the market in front of the market, and the crowd can not understand how simple a method and reason, people can not understand through so, in everyone to go beyond their own eyes and minds have as dead In fact, everything is alive, fixed is relative, change is absolute, with dead dogma rigid to look at the living and breathing thousands of stock price fluctuations, of course, you can not see the live stock, is destined to hit the wall not only Average analysis, MACD analysis, and all technical analysis should be avoided, but this, technical analysis can be used to live, to seize the living soul of technical analysis, technical analysis can really play a useful place