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The use of a MT4 software login multiple platforms

Welcome to ForexBang here to share with you a">cashback forex profit calculator software login different forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashbackforexpipcalculator method Many friends will simultaneously open an account in more than one platform to do gold forex trading, some platforms have low spreads, some platforms have good service, some platforms have fast speed, so a The person with more than one platform trading is also there then with more than one platform trading will have to download different platforms of MT4 software, whenever trading to open a lot of MT4 software now well, teach you to use a MT4 software one-click switch, to achieve a MT4 software to achieve the purpose of multiple platform account coexistence 1, first of all to confirm our MT4 version, I use here is the Jia Sheng MT4 and Starfish MT4, check whether the two sides of the MT4 version is the same find the root directory of MT4, and then point MT4 program right click - properties, will see the current MT4 version when determine the two sides of the MT4 version is the same you can proceed to the next step  2, open the other MT4 platform config folder, copy the .SRV file to another SRV copy to another MT4 same folder Here I am the Starfish MT4 platform.SRV copy to the Jia Sheng MT4 platform  3, test at this time in the Starfish MT4 platform to register a similar account, and then open the terminal, point mailbox, open the current latest mail, here you can see the similar account login account and password, we remember it, and so on next Useful  4, now open the Jia Sheng MT4 platform, click on the login, and then enter the similar account registered in the Starfish MT4 platform, the server selection starfishFX-demo (this is similar, the following Live is real) Next a miracle happened!   5. You will find that after logging in to the Starfish account in the MT4 of Carlson, all the windows of the currency pairs have become black, only waiting for updates, then you have to reselect the currency pair quotes of Starfish in the left market quotes window, the results are shown in the figure:  6. Here we can save the currency pair combinations of different groups or different platforms. When we switch platform accounts, we do not worry about the currency pair window waiting to be updated  Use a MT4 software to log in to multiple platform accounts, whether real or simulated, its that simple Welcome to