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JamesTob cashback forex profit calculator TobinTax (TobinTax), that is, the foreign cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashback forex cashbackforexpipcalculator, is the American economist James Tobin (JamesTobin) in 1972 at Princeton University speech when the first proposed tax, he proposed to spot foreign exchange transactions levied on the global uniform transaction tax, so as to reduce purely speculative transactions Tobin argued that because of the difference in liquidity, financial markets respond to price signals significantly faster than commodity forexcashbackprofitcalculator labor markets, and that speculation in international capital markets is highly likely to trigger large and violent shocks in international financial markets, thus leading to price distortions in commodity and labor markets and resulting in losses in social welfare, and therefore needs to be curbed by means of taxation In 1978, Tobin further proposed that a tax be levied according to the size of the transaction 1% global transaction tax The tax was proposed primarily to mitigate exchange rate instability caused by the dramatic expansion in the size of international financial flows, especially short-term speculative flows In accordance with the EU proposal, a 0.01% tax on derivatives and a 0.1% tax on stocks, bonds, fund shares, money market instruments, repurchase agreements, and securities lending transactions would ensure that the financial sector contributed to public Revenue contributes 0.01% and 0.1% is the minimum tax rate set by the EU, participating countries can adjust it upwards according to the actual situation Related News Yi Gang, director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, wrote in the latest issue of China Finance on October 2, 2015, that in order to prevent the risk of abnormal cross-border capital flows, an in-depth study will be conducted to introduce a Chinese version of the Tobin tax (i.e. foreign exchange transaction tax), interest-free deposit reserves, foreign exchange transaction fees and other price adjustment means to curb short-term speculative transactions, continue to make moves to stabilize the exchange rate of the yuan