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What are the factors that affect gold price fluctuations

What are the factors that affect cashback forex profit calculator cashbackforexpipcalculator fluctuations    Political factors Because gold has the function of risk aversion, cashback forex the political situation is tense, war clouds, then gold this function forexcashbackprofitcalculator play a role, investors buy gold, so the price of gold will rise such as August 19, 1991 before the dissolution of the Soviet Union If the political situation is stable, the price of gold will immediately return to the status quo, such as the 1992 Gulf War, the price of gold is high at $400, but after the war is under control, the price of gold will weaken, but if the war is regional, its impact may not be able to stimulate the price of gold to rise 2. Worry, because gold has the function of hedging inflation risk; If inflation, investment will choose to buy gold However, the measure of inflation of the pointer to a large extent depends on the change of oil cashbackforexprofitcalculator Therefore, the rise of oil prices will stimulate the rise of gold prices On the contrary, oil prices are stable, then gold prices will also tend to stable However, if the economy turns good, interest rates rise, such as the dollar interest rate up, then investors will give up gold and take the dollar, gold prices Central banks activities central banks are the big holders of gold, their willingness to hold gold directly affects the trend of gold price if the central banks absorb or increase gold holdings, the gold price will rise; on the contrary, if the central banks sell gold, then the gold price will be soft such as the late 1990s central banks continue to sell gold, gold continued to soften, once fell to a historical low of $265 per ounce 4. This factor depends on the economic good and bad when the economy is good, peoples income increased, consumer desire to enhance, gold and silver jewelry become the object of consumer purchases, the growth of demand to stimulate the rise of gold prices on the contrary, if the economy is poor, consumer purchase desire to decline, the price of gold by the impact of the decline in demand and soften 5. Technology, astronautics technology, chemical technology, medical technology, etc., the annual demand of these industries about 60 tons, accounting for about 17% of the total consumption, so the more the development of the above industry, the greater the demand for gold, gold prices will rise on the other hand, if the more the development of science and technology, gold mining costs fall accordingly, gold prices will be soft 6. The global gold supply and demand situation gold supply mainly comes from three aspects: mine development gold production, central banks selling reserve gold, and old gold recycling in gold demand continues to grow at the same time, the supply growth rate can not keep up with the pace of demand growth, especially in South Africa gold production decline which means that the central bank will need to sell gold to bridge the supply-demand gap, but they will be limited in the amount of gold they can sell due to agreements between central banks if the market continues to worry about the outlook for the dollar.