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When we talk about trading what do we talk about

The t cashback forexle">cashback forex profit calculator purely due to the appreciation of Haruki Murakami, who wrote the book "When I talk about running, what do I talk about". nbsp;  After reading this book, in addition to bringing inner shock, but also give a lot of inspiration about the professional trading career in our public thinking, genius is excellent natural talent plus acquired hard work to become Murakami as one of the top writers in Japan cashbackforexprofitcalculator even Asia in World War II, certainly also has these two But in the book, he did cashbackforexpipcalculator talk about these two to help him become a professional writer He only vaguely felt that on his way to becoming a professional writer, he still needs to insist on doing what perhaps he knows that, as a creative work, any genius has a lack of talent, passion lost, should then give up his point of view is very simple, one is to let himself understand as a professional writer need to have good physical fitness, so as to go all the way to the profession, the second is to develop their own tenacity, to sharpen themselves in running. The third is the most profound reason for insisting on running, professional writing is also a very boring thing, he has to run in the dialogue with himself, to dig what he wants to express inside, constitute his constant source of inspiration power source in his eyes, every day to insist on writing is not an effort, because as a professional writer, the mission is to write excellent works, to give people who read him resonance and inspiration However, many talented writers inevitably encounter the so-called physical "menopause" or because of the self-indulgence of the rich after the fame and the desire to retreat, these will only lead to an end, to kill the career Murakami may be in the beginning of writing, it is thought through the greatest success may not be to write a lot of excellent works He seems to be saying that genius should not be a goal that one should pursue, but doing what one likes to do and continuing to do it with dedication is the only way to be successful after reading this book. Im not sure if Im going to be able to get the best out of you. If it is to make money and come, perhaps to go before, can take away a large, or even more than desired to get more, but perhaps lost the most valuable thing in life: an interest to bring the pure pleasure of people because everyones life is a short decades, when we leave the planet alone, only that moment you feel whether you this is worthy of this life because if it is to spend time in their own simply not interested, but also can not If you spend your time on things that you are not interested in and can not sustain, it is really self-torture and loss of life in the red world, no one is exempt from it. You can not take away actually belong to your own, can be labeled with your imprint, only talent personality sentiment when we take the first step in professional trading, perhaps not at all to learn how to trade, but to think about where the end of this road, it is valuable to our life whether to put and carry the vast majority of the fun of doing things perhaps your initial intention, determine where you can go if you feel it is you If you think it is something you like a lot, a lot of inspiration and motivation come from this, and can go along with taking care of the family, then it is even better    embark on a career deal, the other most critical is to think about what a career is in the eyes of many people, a career may just be a job only, however, such an understanding is too narrow in my eyes, a long-term persistent The other criterion is that it must be the embodiment of your talent, just as many people love and hate A-shares, want to share the joy of making money to everyone, and lose money to the national market makers cursing the bottom of the sky. I have studied some of the professions related to traders, such as professional go players, snipers, pilots, the first step to become their profession is to get rid of emotional interference is not to say that these people have become gods, there is no joy or sorrow, just in the moment of starting to do that thing is no longer able to bring the ego into the occasion, and then talk about the higher requirements of the profession, that is, to do things very well in the ultimate sense. In the ultimate sense, the height of the profession is actually the embodiment of your talent and talent is to rely on time to polish the Japanese katana forger as an example, before entering the industry, when the apprenticeship is less than three to five years, is purely to help the master to do odd jobs, may really be able to start forging knives, is already ten years away, and then become an excellent forger is decades of time and this point in the book "Alien", the 10,000 hours theory has been summarized very thoroughly. 10,000 hours theory has been summarized very thoroughly if you think of quick success, in fact, there is only one ending, that is, the probability of your quick hang is extremely high This is also the reason why professional trading should not bring the thinking of wanting to make money quickly      When we talk about trading, what do we talk about is to talk about technical patterns, or the Dragon and Tiger list The most critical component of a deal is of course, but in addition to a deal, in fact, more talk about your attitude towards professional trading remember many years ago, watched a documentary "God of Sushi", at that time only think that the old man sushi is doing well is also after reading Murakami became a runners book, I suddenly realized the most critical thing in the profession idiom word, called the craftsmans heart uniquely made I think when we talk about the transaction, it may be more from this word craftsmanship to think about each transaction is our product, polishing a product, polishing a hundred ten thousand products, what attitude and spirit is needed, here it goes without saying in recent years I also read some domestic research on the spirit of craftsmanship, on its most core summary, there are three points: one, is persistence, focus is as if you are on a Can not return to the track, you must go to the end two, is humble introspection always position themselves as students three, is reverence into the soul when doing things, their "heart" "soul" are into which when a deep experience of craftsmanship, learning the spirit of craftsmen, professional trading The fun is everywhere, in fact, making money is often just a byproduct of the fun, and when done to a degree, you get more than what you are now hoping for    And the festive season, see many people sent sentiment, the lighter the loss of money to sigh, the heavier the year can not live, life can not continue when these become the burden of professional trading, in fact, has the luxury of talking about In fact, if something makes you suffer, you should not let it continue for another second as a professional trading, to know that the system strategy you take, are only a molecule of the overall ecological composition of the other results are the system strategy feedback, you get very bad results, because the system is very bad if you want to do something, you should not have a trace of remorse for the results, because it is already an established fact In fact, it is impossible to change what we talk about when we talk about trading, in fact, there is only one word to say, the heart of the new year, may everyone find the heart where in fact, even if the overall ecology of A shares is very bad, the system is not perfect, but this does not affect in any way as a professional trading to chase the road because in any kind of ecology, you need to learn, to study, to think about using it to achieve your perfect trading