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Whose money do you make by speculating in Forex Where did the money you lost go

 Whose cashbackforexprofitcalculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator it that you earn from speculating in cashback forex cashback forex profit calculator? Similar to this type of problem, there are similar problems, speculation is whos money, speculation gold is whos money, and so on and so forth will ask such questions may be just starting to invest in traders, they do not quite understand the operating mechanism of the investment market, so do not understand where their lost money went, the money earned and who earned today we will explain from several aspects of speculation foreign exchange profit and loss, how the money came, and to Where to go 1, first of all, to clarify the speculative foreign exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator why this issue on the primary, because the real and fake platform it is different where the money goes, the profit model is also different in this we first simply distinguish the foreign exchange platform into a formal platform as well as a black platform, and then separately explain the formal platform speculative foreign exchange channels are many, such as banks, brokers and so on, this kind of belongs to the formal platform, banks needless to say, itself is a This part of the list is the regular platform, that is, the kind of authority to regulate, to check the regulatory number, to get the authority to affirm this kind of platform after the injection of investors money is into the market, that is, the foreign exchange market, the international platform, assuming that we see speculation in foreign exchange as a game, the game has winners and losers. There are winners and losers in the game, the winners money comes from the hands of the loser, the losers money may come to the hands of the winner in addition to those who may need foreign currency, lets say someone to travel abroad, someone to study abroad, then they need foreign currency, they will use RMB to exchange foreign currency, you lose money may come to the hands of these people, may also earn from these people, simply put, it The money you earn is the money the platform loses, this kind of platform is also called a betting platform, meaning you bet against the platform, you win money the platform loses money, you lose money the platform makes a profit, you think with your head can also know, the black platform will not let you profit at the end?2, and then explain the foreign exchange market trading mechanism next we explain in detail The next foreign exchange market trading, profit and loss of money to the problem of the foreign exchange market is free to exchange currency, is a natural circulation of currency, free exchange, exchange rate floating system of the market, there will not be a fixed exchange rate, involved in foreign exchange market transactions not only the global countries of the retail investors, there are central banks, institutions and so on; foreign exchange traders and trade traders will be involved in this market of which the number of The largest number of retail investors, part of this retail investors are speculative foreign exchange investors, part of the personal reasons for the exchange of foreign currency traders whether in the bank or brokerage foreign exchange, will encounter a term called spreads the so-called spread is the price difference between the purchase and sale of a currency pair, the sale price minus the purchase price, the difference is the spread of this currency pair to understand the spread as a commission can also be, because this part of the money is given to the platform. Because this part of the money is given to the platform, the regular platform is only to earn the investors spread speculation foreign exchange is actually not as complicated as many people think, in fact, is the exchange between currency and currency take the euro and the dollar, the euro exchange rate fell, in the case of the total amount of the euro and the dollar around the world without change, the wealth of euro holders shrunk, the wealth of dollar holders rose; they rose in this part, the Equal share of the euro wealth shrinkers of this part, and all the euro holders, to bear this part of the loss, the other currency exchange is the same reason