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Log in to Sirius XM Radio

When it comes to home or on the go Sirius XM has you covered. Among the many subscriptions available to homeowners and business owners, you"ll find satellite radio, commercial based channels, and the best of the best on demand offerings. All it takes is a subscription and some free time to get started. You"ll enjoy over 300 channels with some perks thrown in like the aforementioned On Demand content, ad-free Xtra channels and the ability to create your own personalized stations. If you"re looking to ditch the satellite dish for good, you can also get a taste of the aforementioned perks in your car. And you"ll be able to listen to a full library of podcasts and other forms of audio content on the go. The Sirius XM app is also available for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Considering the sheer number of channels on offer, the ability to customize your radio based on your preferences is an absolute must. Having the ability to select your preferred genre of music, news and sports coverage and other features like On Demand content and the ability to download podcasts and other forms of audio content to your device of choice will help you make the most of your listening experience. There"s a catch: you can only use one log in per subscription. But in the end, this is a small price to pay for the sheer perks and entertainment. Plus, you can save a bundle by taking advantage of the various promotional offers available.